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Research Details

We have four levels of all-inclusive research packages to suit your budget and requirements, ranging from the simple Acorn package to the top-of-the-range Full Oak package, with a specialist wedding package in addition. If none of these are appropriate, then you can request individually tailored research at our hourly rate (see below), or contact us to see if we can arrange a package to suit you. All research includes our initial free consultation and assessment.

On conclusion of the research a full report on the story of your family will be delivered to you either in thermal bound format by post or as a pdf file via e-mail. Accompanying the report will be a family tree, birth and marriage registrations and other relevant documentation such as census returns. The report will include suggestions for future research, should you wish to follow your family line further. Gift vouchers are also available. Please see our terms and conditions for further details on all forms of research.



Single branch


acorn tree

This starter package will take your chosen family name back to the early 1800's in a single line and will, where possible, give details of births, marriages and spouses, along with places of residence, occupations and siblings where these are revealed by the searches.



Two branches


sapling tree

The Sapling package will take two chosen surnames (for example those of your parents) and trace both of their direct lines back to the early 1800's as in the Acorn package.

half oak

Half Oak

Full paternal/maternal


half tree

The Half Oak package will allow you to explore the whole of the family tree of one of your parents back to the early 1800's, including all collateral lines as illustrated.

full oak

Full Oak

All branches


full tree

The deluxe Full Oak package will trace all of your paternal and maternal family lines back to the early 1800's, and will include extra information on them where this can be traced. Potentially this could include details of 30 direct ancestors, and a large number of siblings.




Why not try a novel idea for a wedding present for the couple who might have everything? This package will include the direct paternal name family lines of both bride and groom back to the early 1800's, as in the Acorn and Sapling packages, presented on special paper in a quality wedding themed binder.




For that special occasion, such as the expected arrival of a new baby, a retirement, landmark birthday or other celebration you could present the recipient with an Acorn family history gift voucher to redeem against the package of their choice, or commission one of our standard packages on their behalf. Any package or voucher can be presented in a suitably themed format.




In addition to the packages outlined here, we can carry out individual research to your requirements at a cost of £28 per hour plus travel expenses (we do not charge for travel time). This might involve for example looking in more depth at a particular individual or family, tracking down a will, or finding out details of an ancestor's family prior to the beginnings of civil registration in 1837.