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LDS Church Members

Members of the LDS church study family history and try to find out about their ancestors in order to share eternity with them. At Acorn Family History Services we have specific experience in the requirements of LDS family history and the use of the Family Tree software.

For overseas or UK church members who need assistance in researching local records in the area of Kent and south-east England we provide a personalised research service at the cost of £22 per hour, or you can order one of our all-inclusive research packages (see our Research page for details). We can also carry out general research in other areas of the country or online.

Whatever your LDS family history question, whether it is a problem with software or a query over how to overcome a brick wall, or indeed whether you need someone to do research for you, we will do our best to help, with our free initial consultation and assessment. Please see our research terms and conditions.

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